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Spark Plugs

Ruthenium hx spark plug
Part # 95159 | Line Code: NGK

Not Fitted / Universal

Product Details
Hex Size 5/8"
Resistor Type Yes
Electrical Terminal Type Non-Removable
Thread Diameter 14.0
Center Electrode Tip Material Ruthenium
Ground Electrode Quantity 1
Ground Configuration Standard
Manufacturer Heat Range 6
Resistance 5000
Center Electrode Core Material Copper Core
Gap Size 0.032
Reach 0.75
Ground Electrode Tip Design PSPE
Ground Electrode Core Material Copper Core
Seat Type SUS Gasket
Insulator Height 50.50
Stock Number 95159
Part Number FR6BHX-S
Heavy Duty Supplier Yes
Part Terminology Spark Plug

Features & Benefits
NGK Ruthenium HX High Ignitability spark plugs are the best in class plug for todays modern vehicles. Patented Ruthenium technology offers the most advance tip technology and delivers the highest performance and life expectancy. Created from advanced OE technology as a high ignitability plug; Ruthenium HX spark plugs come with patented, specialized OEM DFE and PSPE tip designs. NGK Ruthenium HX High Ignitability spark plugs provide a more complete fuel burn resulting in a quicker throttle response, smoother idle and better cold starts. Ruthenium center electrode provides industry leading durability.

Application Summary

CHR/DOD/JEEP/RAM 2013-97, GM 2008-98, JAG 2003-98, KIA 2005-97, LND RVR 2004-99, M-BENZ 2017-99, MINI 2008-02, MITS 2011-97, NIS 2004-01, PORSCHE 2009-97, SAAB 2011-97, SUB 2005-99, SUZ 2008-98, TOY/LEX 2005-97, VW/AUD 2005-97, VOL 2009-97
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